Why are we unique?

Why are we unique?

Maintaining small class sizes is at the heart of our teaching and learning approach.  We believe it impacts positively on our learners both in terms of their academic achievement and development as effective contributors and responsible citizens.

As a result of small class sizes our teachers are able to offer personalised learning programmes which are tailored specifically to the needs and strengths of our learners. Each lesson is planned at the level of individual pupils, accommodating their learning styles, strengths and interests.

We offer SQA National 4s and 5s courses across a wide variety of subjects. Our courses are both traditional and modern, allowing learners to experience a broad secondary education, equipping them with both academic knowledge and key core skills.

A key and valued benefit of our small size is our close-knit school community. Every Manager and teacher knows every pupil in our school well, ensuring greater control over academic progression and personal development.

Rather than having a separate guidance structure and procedures we believe that all our teachers and staff should be responsible for the well being of our learners which is why we offer an integrated guidance structure. Every teacher your child works with is able to offer guidance and support as a key role in your child’s education.