What parents have to say

A truly outstanding school

After a prolonged period of ill health and resultant long term absences from school, our daughter was disengaging with education. The wonderful support offered by Basil Paterson got her back on track and we don’t believe our daughter would have got to Nat 5 stage at any other school. Teaching of the highest standard, coupled with a caring culture, makes this a truly outstanding school.

Gets it right for every child

Basil Paterson really does get it right for every child. I can’t recommend this school highly enough.

Level of individual attention has been amazing

The level of individual attention has been amazing. There are some great teachers in the school – so inspiring.

We have been particularly impressed with the work that has gone in to tailoring teaching styles to match our son’s learning style and learning needs to allow him to reach his full potential.

Made our son a more confident learner

Coming back to Edinburgh from Amsterdam we had both high requirements and expectations of Basil Paterson Middle School.

In fact, the team of teachers and the ethos of the school gave us more than we had hoped for and allowed our son the space he wanted to get to grips with his studies, making him a much more confident learner as well as fascinated by most of his subjects!

Regaining his enjoyment of learning

Basil Paterson has been exactly the right place for our son and it has been such a blessing to see him regain his enjoyment of learning. I have no doubt that this is due in no small measure to the people who have been teaching and supporting him. I am grateful for every one of you.

School has been most supportive

Everyone at the school has been most supportive in helping our child settle in, and in working out the appropriate subject choices and timetable.

We are very grateful for all the help we have received. Our child enjoys the learning environment very much and finds all parts of the curriculum very stimulating.

Worked tirelessly to restore self-confidence

Our granddaughter started at the school when it opened in 2012 and from our first meeting with the staff I was impressed by their professionalism and their enthusiasm for their new endeavour. My granddaughter had been failing at school after a move to Australia and her self esteem was very low.

From the very start the school recognised this and worked tirelessly with her to give her back self-confidence and belief.

The staff worked with her on a one to one basis encouraging and pushing her to keep on trying and there is no doubt in my mind that without all this hard work our granddaughter would be a very different girl today.


What Students have to say

I love the small size of the school! 

I love the small size of the school! The school has helped me to learn and develop. My favourite thing about the school is its size and its warm, friendly nature. If I had to describe it to someone else I would say it is a caring school ideally suited for people who want a personal learning experience.

I’m happier and have the chance to get better marks

The school has made me happier and has given me the chance to get better marks.  The teachers are happy here and I feel I have a lot more freedom.  It is a relaxed environment to learn in and the small class sizes really help.

I’ve learned a lot of important life skills

I am very grateful for the many great things the school has done for me. I had recently moved to Scotland from the Netherlands and had to get used to the new methods of learning in a very short period of time, thankfully the school helped me do this and I made a lot good friends along the way.

The school has also really helped me learn a lot of important life skills that I think will be very beneficial for my future.

The school has taught me how to push myself academically

The school has definitely taught me how to push myself academically. The school has helped me become more focused and learn in more depth.

This comes down to the passion of the teachers. The teachers say I am different and more independent than I was when I started. I think there is a possibility for better grades here because you get more personal attention from the teacher.

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