Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

We want to positively transform the lives of young people and help them reach their potential by providing a nurturing academic environment, a flexible personalised teaching approach, a modern curriculum and small class sizes.

Our Values

As a school we share the following values:

We treat all our pupils well, forming positive and supportive relationships. We are committed to engendering positive values in all learners which they can take with them into wider society.

We believe that all young people have the ability to achieve great things. Whatever the starting point of a learner we encourage everyone to strive for success and push the limits of their learning to fulfil their potential.

We challenge learners to achieve success through clear goal setting and encourage pupils to work outside their comfort zone to reach these goals.

We have a culture of achievement and respect in which pupils are supported to overcome barriers, problem solve and help others.

In all our interactions with parents and pupils we are honest. We act with integrity and transparency.

We offer an approach to learning which is adaptable and can be moulded around the learners’ abilities, needs and personal circumstances.