The School

The School

Basil Paterson Middle school is a small, local, independent school for boys and girls aged between 14-16. We provide a rigorous academic curriculum with a strong focus on examination success and are committed to the development of our pupils both as learners and as individuals.

By offering learners an individualised programme, which allows for personalisation, choice and flexibility, we enable our pupils to overcome the barriers and challenges they may have faced in their learning careers to date.

We have a strong pastoral care function which is delivered by the senior management team as well as by the teachers themselves. As a small community we all play a role in guiding our learners through their education and put their well being at the forefront of everything we do.

We pride ourselves in creating an inclusive and respectful environment which is open to all. We strive for our learners to leave us as positive, well-rounded, confident young people, ready to make the next step forward in their lives.

We are committed to providing small class sizes across our year groups.